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Get To Know Who We Serve

Whenever I research a company, I find myself asking “How have they helped someone like me?” At Mark Sharp Retirement, our clients are the catalyst for the work we do and while we can’t provide customer testimonials, we would like to highlight some situations we work on.

Let’s take a look at a case study:

Casey and Matt are a hard-working, loving couple. Casey is a successful VP of supply chain at an influential pharmaceutical company. Her 30-year career in pharmaceuticals has led her from the sales floor to the negotiation table to her true passion of managing and inspiring her teams. Matt found his enthusiasm in real estate law and has been a practicing attorney for his entire, 25-year, career. Casey and Matt are nearing retirement and have experienced a lag in their investment strategy. Before they retire, they want to make sure that they have a strong plan leaving them with enough money to live comfortably.

For Casey and Matt we:

  • Analyzed their current retirement savings strategy and worked to balance their portfolio in a more tax-efficient way.
  • Assumed a more aggressive savings strategy in the years leading up to retirement to reach the amount they wanted for retirement.
  • Implemented proactive tax planning strategies into their overall retirement plan.
  • Reviewed both Casey and Matt’s benefits packages to maximize the impact of them on their retirement.
  • Assessed and addressed all pertinent risks they could face in retirement.
  • Discussed their financial goals and specific goals they had for retirement.
  • Assessed their lifestyle and found ways to help curb extraneous expenses.
  • Created a customized retirement budget that reflected their values and goals.