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What is Mark Sharp Retirement?

An independent, fee-only, digital-first financial planning firm that specializes in planning for the draw down phase of people's financial lifetimes, when they're no longer receiving a paycheck from their jobs but must still fund their lifestyles during a potentially lengthy retirement.

What is retirement income planning?

The process of building an integrated and comprehensive retirement income plan that helps:

  • Determine a tax-optimized withdrawal strategy
  • Optimize Social Security claiming
  • Evaluate and address key and pertinent retirement risks 
  • Select Medicare and other health care coverage choices
  • Assess and create a strategy to meet long-term care needs
  • Choose appropriate housing
  • Incorporate tax and legacy planning


Why choose Mark Sharp Retirement over someone else?

We take the complexity out of the retirement savings and income planning process so you are free to do the things you want to do. We do this through industry best practices, state of the art technology and tax knowledge at an affordable price that fits your budget.   

Who do we help?

The services are most useful for those in and approaching retirement seeking to create a safe and predictable source of retirement income, address retirement uncertainties and meet other retirement goals. We don't offer budgeting, debt, or college education planning services. 

What are your fees?

We offer project and hour pricing models. Click here to learn more.

How do virtual meetings work?

As a digital-first approach firm, we'll meet face-to-face online to discuss all the things we would discuss if meeting face-to-face in person. You save considerable time and expense on travel, get all the benefits of an in-person meeting, while protecting the environment.

Do you offer in-person meetings?

No, we have such confidence in the effectiveness of online face-to-face meetings we feel the benefits (cost and time savings) to you and the environment (eco-friendly) outweigh meeting in person.