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Build the  Confidence
To Transition From Saving To Spending In Retirement


Let Us Show You How to Plan Your Retirement

Based in Portland, OR and Serving Clients Nationwide

Mark Sharp Retirement is a virtual and independent RIA firm that specializes in planning for the draw-down phase of your financial lifetime. When you’re no longer receiving a paycheck but must fund your lifestyle during retirement, we’ll be there to offer the guidance and support you need. 

If You Are Approaching Or Transitioning Into Retirement...

We can help answer some of the most pressing retirement income planning questions such as:

When to Retire Icon


Can I realistically retire?

Retirement Calculation Icon


Much can I afford to withdraw each year and still make the money last?

Retirement Strategy Icon


Tax strategies offer the most savings?

Retirement Investing Icon


Are some ways I can acquire more income?

Retirement Plan Icon


Should I invest my money?

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6 in 10 

workers feel at least somewhat stressed about preparing for retirement

2019 Employee Benefit Research Institute Retirement Confidence Survey

Don’t Be a Statistic

Far too many workers are feeling less confident in their ability to live comfortably in retirement.

I’m here to change that.

As your retirement years quickly approach, your concerns begin to shift from saving for retirement to planning for retirement income. And that all begins with a comprehensive retirement income plan that accomplishes the following:

  • Choose an income strategy most aligned with your income personality
  • Structure a plan to produce steady and reliable income over retirement
  • Design a strategy to protect income from the unique risks of retirement
  • Develop a strategy for claiming Social Security benefits
  • Develop a strategy to make the best decisions about Healthcare
  • Build a strategy to manage long-term care needs
  • Formulate a plan to create the most tax efficiency now and in the future

Mark Sharp, Retirement Planner

Hosted By:

Mark Sharp, CFP® RICP® WMCP® EA
Mark Sharp Retirement

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