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Retirement On Your Mind? 

Retire in Style and With Confidence

Let us help you make the switch from saving to spending.

Your Partner for Every Aspect of Retirement

Support for What You Need, When You Need It.

Our Full List of Services Include:

Ongoing Support:
Year-round, on-demand investment, retirement, and tax planning and management. In-person and online annual reviews.

Retirement Income Assessment, Design, and Implementation:
Income preference assessment to determine how you want to source income in retirement. Selection and implementation of income strategy.

Retirement Income Plan Management:
A personalized analysis to articulate a roadmap to enhance retirement financial security. A customized retirement income plan to show your spending objectives, income streams, year-over-year income projections, investing strategy, and legacy objectives.

Tax Planning:
We take a proactive approach to taxes. To reduce your tax bill and enjoy your retirement savings, we look for ways to reduce taxable income, increase deductions, and maximize credits.

Investment Planning:
Our investment planning is centered on your preferences and needs. Financial well-being is built upon a strong, diversified foundation aligned with your financial plan.

Retirement Income Planning:
At Mark Sharp Retirement, we specialize in retirement income planning. We assess your retirement income needs, risks, and outlook, providing you with a personalized strategy for an enjoyable and worry-free retirement.

Let Us Show You How To Spend In Retirement

Get to Know Mark Sharp Retirement

Serving Those Nearing Retirement or in Retirement Nationwide

We’re obsessed with retirement income planning. Most advisors focus mainly on helping their clients save for retirement, but we specialize in the unique situations that arise within retirement decumulation (when you are drawing down your retirement savings.)

As a virtual-first financial service firm helping those nearing or in retirement, we can answer your most pressing questions about when and how to retire so you can confidently enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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can I realistically retire?

Retirement Investing Icon


is the best strategy for generating retirement income?

Retirement Calculation Icon


much can I afford to withdraw each year and still make the money last?

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tax strategies support higher spending potential?

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should I invest my money?

How We Work With Our Clients

learn how we can work Best For You

All of our engagements start with clear communication. That means scheduling a free, no-judgment (and no obligation) consultation over the phone.

Who is the Right Fit for Our Services?

Retired individuals or, within 12 months of retirement, seeking retirement income planning, tax preparation and tax planning, and investment management.

Subscription Basis

This all-inclusive service includes comprehensive tax, investment, and retirement income planning and exclusive access to our powerful Retirement Income Style Awareness (RISA) technology.

Take Advantage of Our Retirement Income Resources

Choose What’s Best For You

 All of our engagements start with clear communication. That means scheduling a free, no-judgment (and no obligation) consultation over the phone.

Exciting Announcement: Uncover the Blueprint to Crafting Your Dream Retirement Using Your Financial Resources! Don't Miss Out on this Game-Changing Book Release!

Ready to transform your retirement finances? Download a sneak peek of our book for expert strategies on maximizing income and securing a worry-free future!

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Introducing the RISA: Our Retirement Income Style Assessment 

Clients get exclusive access to our Retirement Income Style Awareness (RISA) profiling tool.

Think of the RISA as a counseling session between you and your retirement income plan. The RISA leverages scientific, agnostic, and iterative processes, eliminating doubts about the right retirement style for your unique situation.

Often, advisors give you advice based on their style, not yours. RISA changes that. The powerful insights this exclusive service provides help us pinpoint your retirement preferences and style, matching those details with the timing of account withdrawals and nuanced tax management.

Enroll in our webinar today for more information and access to your RISA questionnaire.

Webinar: Are You Sure About Your Retirement Income Strategy?

You will have to make many decisions and answer many questions as you near retirement, including when to retire or claim Social Security benefits, are essential. While these decisions are significant, they should not overshadow the most significant consideration: how you plan to use your financial resources to support yourself in retirement. In other words, how will you convert your assets into income to pay for retirement? How you accomplish this depends on your chosen income strategy. This is the single most important decision you will make in your retirement. If you are unsure about this decision, we can help you find the answer in our free webinar, Sharpening Your Retirement Income Strategy.

This webinar is for you if you have questions about how to plan for income in retirement, which income strategy is right for you, or if you don't know what alternatives there are to drawing income from diversified investments. By the end of the webinar, you will have the knowledge, insights, and understanding of how to create retirement income in a manner that is most meaningful to you.

Don't miss this chance to learn how to align your strategy for generating retirement income in a way that works best for you.

8 Things You Should Know Before Retiring

As you’re approaching retirement, how do you switch gears to begin enjoying this new chapter? You’ve had years of practice saving, but creating a paycheck in retirement involves an entirely different set of skills. Not everyone envisions the same style of retirement! Just as there are a variety of jobs, investing techniques, and lifestyles that help us arrive at a happy and secure retirement, retirement itself looks different depending on who you are and how you want to begin this exciting new stage of life. Download our informational PDF for these 8 Things You Should Know Before Retiring!

You’re in the Right Place for Retirement Distribution Advice

Learn How You can Enjoy Your Retirement Savings

If you’re curious about your retirement strategy or want to change your existing strategy, now is the time! If you’re preparing to retire in the next 10 years or you’re in retirement, contact Mark Sharp Retirement today.

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