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Transform Your Years of Hard Work and Dedication

Into a meaningful and enjoyable retirement by using your wealth as a tool to turn your dream retirement — into your reality.

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Planning Ahead for Your Retirement Involves Two Steps

You need to make sure you save enough money during your working years.

You need a retirement spending strategy that aligns with your income goals while minimizing risks.

How Can You Make Sure You’re Doing Both Steps the Right Way, at the Right Time?

By utilizing my service: The Retirement Saving Income Planner.

With The Retirement Saving Income Planner, I will:


A personalized savings strategy that will help generate the retirement income you need to last throughout your retirement years and beyond.


Your retirement savings into a  predictable level of lifetime retirement income through cutting-edge software, tax law expertise, and retirement income planning best practices.


Your retirement concerns so you have a concise road map for tackling your retirement objectives, overcoming any obstacles and accumulating the optimal amount of resources.

What It Costs

One Payment, unlimited value.


What You Get

As part of your three consultations.

  • CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, RETIREMENT INCOME CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL™ and IRS Enrolled Agent skilled in comprehensive financial planning, retirement savings and income planning, investment and tax planning.
  • One comprehensive and integrated Retirement Financial Plan to include:
    * Current Retirement Plan Trajectory Analysis
    * Retirement Age Feasibility Guidance
    * Alternative Retirement Plan
    * Social Security Age Claiming Guidance
    * Withdrawal Strategy
    * Risks Management Strategy
    * Tax Planning Strategy
    * Investment Strategy
    * Health Care Strategy
    * Long-Term Care Strategy
  • Three consultations to assess your needs, present your solution, and review and revise your solution.
  • Life-time access to an online Personal Financial Management (PFM) system to help manage your retirement income plan.
  • Retirement Financial Plan Summary of our best thinking to help you reach a desired retirement outcome.
  • One tax return review with key metrics and planning opportunities analysis.
  • Services limited to the above. Additional services billed at current hourly rate.
  • Clients are responsible for any and all service implementation, monitoring, and updates.