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Have The Peace of Mind

To know you will not run out of money and can enjoy retirement with complete financial confidence.

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Retirement Peace of Mind Starts With Knowing These 2 Things

Will my assets and income sources support spending at a desired level through my retirement?

How much can I afford to withdraw from my portfolio each year and still make the money last?

How Can You Make Sure You’re Doing Both Steps the Right Way, at the Right Time?

By utilizing my service: The Retirement Income Planner.

With The Retirement Income Planner, I will:


Current spending to determine if assets and income sources can support durable spending over retirement and identify any projected retirement spending shortfalls.


Any projected retirement spending shortfalls through an alternative course of action to ensure income needs are met through retirement.

What It Costs

One Payment, unlimited value.


What You Get

As part of your TWO consultations.

  • CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, RETIREMENT INCOME CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL™ and IRS Enrolled Agent skilled in comprehensive financial planning, retirement savings and income planning, investments, and tax planning.
  • Retirement Income Planner Summary to include 1) spending timeline durability and 2) spending timeline shortfall analysis.
  • One alternative course of action.1
  • Two consultations to assess your needs and present our analysis.
  • Life-time access to an online Personal Financial Management (PFM) system to help manage your retirement income plan.
  • Services limited to the above. Additional services billed at current hourly rate.
  • Clients are responsible for any and all service implementation, monitoring, and updates.
  • 1 provided if spending timeline durability determines a projected retirement spending shortfall.