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Retirement Saving Income Planner

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The Retirement Saving Income Planner helps retirees and near-retirees address the most common challenges faced during retirement. If you are searching for answers to any of the following questions this is the service for you.

Common Challenges Faced During Retirement And The Benefits We Provide.

How do I create a plan to manage and use the assets accumulated for retirement to live within a realistic budget and not run out of money prematurely?
We will build you a customized plan to ensure you meet your spending goals without running out of money.

When will I be financially prepared to retire?
We will analyze your financial situation, goals, and needs to determine the age when retirement is possible.

How much can I afford to withdraw from my portfolio each year and still make the money last?
We will select a strategy for converting assets into income to meet your spending goals so you never have to worry about under or overspending.

What's my asset allocation and how should it change during retirement?
We will show you how to position your assets to maximize growth and provide a steady amount of income that meets spending goals and manages risks.

What's the best age to start claiming Social Security benefits?
We will analyze current and future spending needs to determine an optimal Social Security claiming age to maximize benefits.

How will I pay for health care and long-term care?
We will build a strategy to help you minimize costs and maximize coverages.

How can I maintain my standard of living throughout retirement?
We will select an income strategy to maintain desired spending levels throughout retirement.

What strategies are available to address income gaps?
We will show you approaches to boost cash flow to close income gaps that threaten retirement.

What late-in life tax planning is helpful?
We will show you how to avoid potential tax consequences, exploit tax-saving opportunities, and increase after-tax income to bolster spending.

What retirement housing decisions will I need to make?
We will help you review and determine the optimal living situations as you age through retirement.

Which risks pose the greatest threat to my retirement and how should I prepare for them?

We will create a risk plan so you can focus more on the possibilities of retirement and less on the hazards of retirement.     


Best suited for those seeking a comprehensive retirement income plan but who are willing to assume all responsibility for implementing, monitoring and revising the retirement income plan and the investments.

what's included:

  • One comprehensive and integrated Retirement Saving Income Plan to include:
Retirement Financial Plan to include the following:
* Current Retirement Plan Trajectory Analysis
* Retirement Age Feasibility Guidance
* Alternative Retirement Plan
* Social Security Age Claiming Guidance
* Withdrawal Strategy
* Risks Management Strategy
* Tax Planning Strategy
* Investment Strategy
* Health Care Strategy
* Long-Term Care Strategy

  • Three consultations to assess your needs, present your solution, and review and revise your solution.
  • Life-time access to an online Personal Financial Management (PFM) system to help manage your retirement income plan.
  • Retirement Saving Income Planner Summary of our best thinking to help you reach a desired retirement outcome.
  • Service offered as a one-time fee, and doesn't require a long-term commitment.
  • Services limited to the above. Additional services billed at current hourly rate. 
  • Clients are responsible for any and all service implementation, monitoring, and updates.


  • We are a digital-first firm and willingness by you to conduct all meetings online or over the phone.
  • This process is a collaboration. So, I expect you to provide information and share your thoughts in a timely manner, and to reach out when life changes.

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