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Experience a Dynamic Approach
To Managing Your Retirement Plan

Begin by connecting with a professional who has your long-term interests in mind.

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With the Retirement Income Sentinel, You Can Feel Empowered to Live Your Best Retirement

Typical retirement planning is often static and based on probabilities of success, which are not optimal for long-term income planning. This often leaves retirees feeling unsettled and convinced there are only two possible outcomes to their retirement either success or failure.  

The Retirement Income Sentinel changes the conversation with realistic, dynamic planning focused on adjustments. It acts as your retirement partner by monitoring and updating your plan as economic and market conditions change so you maximize spending, reduce stress, and increase income security. 


The Pillars of Dynamic Income Planning

Helping you successfully navigate retirement with a plan that’s dynamic with ongoing oversight including contingency plans for future changes, examples of what a retirement experience could look like, and real-time updates when a plan calls for a change. 

Dynamic Spending

You may be asking yourself, “how will we adjust if things turn out to be better or worse than originally planned?” and “how and when will we make these adjustments?” With the help of the Retirement Income Sentinel, we’ll help you determine how high or low your retirement income should be in order to best meet your long-term needs and lifestyle. 

Tax-Smart Distribution Planning

The role of the Retirement Income Sentinel is to help you quickly assess the tax implications of strategies such as bracket management and tax-ordering. This includes all planned cash flows (Social Security, pensions, investment income, portfolio withdrawals) and their differential tax treatment, to produce digestible data to help you make informed, tax-efficient decisions. 

Automated Plan Monitoring & Management

At Mark Sharp Retirement, we develop an Income Policy Statement (IPS) for each client. Each month, the Retirement Income Sentinel tests your retirement plan using up-to-date data and alerts you if the IPS calls for a change. This means you can rest assured your plan is being actively monitored as economic and market conditions change so you know when a pay raise is possible and when a pay cut is necessary. 

Real-World Testing

What you can afford to spend is closely tied to current economic and market conditions like interest rates, inflation and equity valuations. However, today’s retirement planning technology does not account for this. Instead, it presumes retirement risks are the same in all environments.

The Retirement Income Sentinel allows us to test how your household would have fared historically when following a plan. Unlike other plans based on historical hypothetical returns, it goes a step further by measuring your plan against actual historical plan performance to give you an extra level of confidence. 

Here’s What’s Included

As part of your comprehensive and integrated Retirement Income Sentinel:

  • Retirement Income Plan design, development, and implementation.
  • Two consultations to assess your needs and review your plan.
  • Ongoing plan monitoring and oversight.
  • Real-time notifications to stay in the know on spending adjustments.
  • Annual meeting to review and revise your plan.

Does not include investment planning or management services. costs Billed on a monthly basis1