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Option 2: IP

The Retirement Income Planner does one thing: lets retirees know whether their assets can support anticipated spending needs over the course of retirement. In other words, it will let you know if you will run out money before the end of retirement. If you are searching to this and any of the following questions this is the service for you.

Common Challenges Faced During Retirement And The Benefits We Provide.

I am getting this much income from my RMDs, Social Security, taxable investments, pensions, etc. and I need to know will I run out of savings prematurely?
We will run projections based on your income sources and other factors to let you know if and when you will run out of money.

How much of my total retirement account can I liquidate or sell to meet income needs?
We will recommend an optimal withdrawal strategy for converting assets that balances supporting income needs while preserving assets.

How much can I afford to withdraw from my portfolio each year and still make the money last?
We will produce spending projections to determine a safe withdrawal rate so you never have to worry about under or overspending.

what's included:

  • Retirement Income Planner Summary to include: 1) spending timeline durability and 2) spending timeline shortfall analysis.
  • One alternative course of action.1
  • Two consultations to assess your needs and present our analysis.
  • Life-time access to an online Personal Financial Management (PFM) system to help manage your retirement income plan.
  • Services limited to the above. Additional services billed at current hourly rate.
  • Clients are responsible for any and all service implementation, monitoring, and updates.
    1 provided if spending timeline durability analysis determines a projected retirement spending shortfall.


  • We are a digital-first firm and willingness by you to conduct all meetings online or over the phone.
  • This process is a collaboration. So, I expect you to provide information and share your thoughts in a timely manner, and to reach out when life changes.

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